Top 10 Best News App For Android

Best News App For Android 

Hello friends, Well, the question might arise in your mind that instead of having the newspapers why would we need these eye-catchy apps for reading the daily happenings of the world. Not one or two reasons there are a lot of them which divert your attention from the newspapers to these mind-blowing apps.
Top 10 Best News App For Android
So, without wasting your time let us have a look at the top 10 best news app for Android.
1. INOREADER: – The app is very much similar to Feedly that has the best of the features embedded for you. It has 28 premade topics within it for those who didn’t want to look much deeper for the subtopics. Though the contents are not deep as other news apps, still it has features which can fascinate you. It allows you to read the contents in offline mode tracking all the things you have gone through.
Download here INOREADER
2. POCKET: – It can be considered to be one of the unique apps among the list where it doesn’t offer you the content rather, it allows you to save all the contents which you have arranged for a day and then allowed to read it with a better reading experience.
Pocket appPocket app
Download here POCKET
3. AWESUMMLY: – No other news app can compete with Awesummly, and its fascinating and the mesmerizing features will definitely let you download this app on your device. It offers you a bunch of features which you can’t find in any other news app. From the sharing of the news to the reading the interested part in the leisure time, all are possible when you have this app in your hand. Read news directly from the awesummly short news website.
Download here News app
4. CRICKBUZZ: – With the heart-pounding finish by the batsmen to the game-changing deliveries by the bowlers, the experiences are always an overwhelming one, and we don’t want that experience to go off. With this awesome app, you can watch the complete detail of the deliveries with the mind-blowing words by the marvelous commentators. Now the fever of cricket will dance on your forehead when you have this app on your device. Bitcoin and Yowhatsapp
Download here CRICKBUZZ
5. UC NEWS: – What most attracts the user towards itself is its handy design and the unique way of describing the news. Click on the topic you have been interested in and the next moment complete article will be disclosed to you to have the rain of overpowering features upon you. In the run of looking for the worldwide news, we missed out the local news. But when you have this app on your device you don’t have to bother about the local ones.
Download here UC NEWS
6. FEEDLY: – Embedded with the news from the world of political wars to the inventions of the modern and the unique technologies, Feedly is one of the promising apps that collect from the various sources and presents before you in a unique manner. Once subscribed to this app you will automatically receive the notifications regarding the current happenings in the world. So, download this app and feel the difference.
Download here FEEDLY
7. TIMES OF INDIA: – It lands you in the world of latest news, live news alert from Politics, Sports, Stars and much more. It automatically notifies you with the breaking alerts and uses all its source to dig the information for you. No matter what is the genre, it has everything for you.
Download here TIMES OF INDIA
8. ZINIO: – Well, if you are looking for the best magazine app, then this app is made for you. With around 5000 magazines within it, it has everything entertaining for you. You can save the magazine for your future reading to enjoy your journey when you don’t have the Wi-fi connection.
Download here ZINIO
9. APPY GEEK: – With this awesome app in your pocket you don’t have to scroll through numerous sites for the deep information, rather one subscribed information will be presented before you.
Download here APPY GEEK
10. SMART NEWS: – It is an app that allows you to view the interesting headlines and if anyone fascinates you, tap on it and the next moment whole of the article will be presented to you.
Download here SMART NEWS

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