WiFi Kill Apk For Android Download latest version

WiFi Kill Apk Download

Hellow frdzz, today we share one of the best android application. today we are discussing and share link WiFiKill Apk. if you have an android mobile then you can able to use this application. there are many version is available and also available wifikill pro version. this application is very popular application and millions of people are download this application. wifikill is a provide amazing and cool feature and very useful app so hope you like this application. if you know all awesome feature and you can find right information so, you can read the whole article carefully and enjoy.

Wifikill apk for andro is using to wifi control application. if you can use this best application then you can must be rooted the android phone so, first at root your android device. you can control the disable the internet connection of other device is connected in the same network. so, you can handle the wifi networks and also increase the speed of wifi. you can allocate the bandwidth to own. this application is very useful for wifi internet connection.
WiFi Kill Apk For Android Download latest version
WiFi Kill Apk

You have a fast internet speed a home, office and another personal business then you should wifikill apk. in wifi more device are connected so, wifi speed is very less just because of wifi bandwidth sharing. So, no more tension and no more slow wifi speed get amazing WiFiKill apk for an android smart phone. 

This application is controlled whole wifi network and manage. so, in this post we will study about how to remove the unauthorised person and increase bandwidth. you can use this application cut any person and maintain your bandwidth. previous we discuss opera handler and what is blue whale game.

What is wifikill apk? 

Wifikill is used for controller the wifi connection. you can disable the internet connection of another device to connect with the same network. you can cut any person and maintain your bandwidth. if you have rooted phone must be required. so, first at you root your device. this apk is very useful for wifi internet user. so, download wifikill apk below the link and enjoy. 

How does work wifikill apk?

First, at you run this application then root your device. after open wifikill app you can show the all connected wifi at same router network. you can make your mobile as a router. so, you can delete any person and modify any person. so your bandwidth increase and high speed provide. you can cut any person and increase bandwidth. this application is developed by XDA Developers.

Feature of Wifikill apk 

Below I explain all amazing feature of wifikill apk so you can use easily without any problem so read carefully this section.
  • You can manage whole wifi network connection.
  • You can see all list of wifi using the same network.
  • Wifikill can show data transfer rate like upload and download data.
  • You can monitor the network like, you can modify and delete any person.
  • Name of a connected device is displayed.
  • The main feature is you can cut any network any device which is connected same wifi network.
  • It is work on tablet and laptop/PC.
  • And much more feature provides so download wifikill apk below the link and enjoy.

Download Wifikill apk

So, we share main part of this article. You can download wifikill apk from below link. this link is direct download link and also link are safe and secure so don't tension about download link. you can download without having and faces. some link are fake on the internet. but you can direct download wifikill apk without any problem so download and enjoy.
 WIFI kill apk free download

Download WiFiKill Pro apk

This application is pro version is available in the market so you can download wifikill pro apk. wifikill pro apk is a more feature and more functionality provide compare to official wifi kill so download wifikill pro apk below direct download and enjoy.
 Download wifikill pro version

What's new in wifikill latest version

  • You can information gather of other device connected the same network.
  • It shows the internet usage.
  • It shows netBIOS name.
  • The latest version is supported on a tablet.
  • Android version support 4.0+.
Download wifikill apk free

How to install and how to use wifikill apk

  •  First at, you can download wifikill apk above the link.
  •  After then, install and open it.
  • If your android device without root phone then first you can root your android device.
  • Now, scan for all device.
  • List all network who connected the same network.
  • After, you can select any network which you can disable internet connection.
  • And click on kill button.
  • If you want to gather all information then click "grab" button.
  • If you want to all network are disable then click "kill all" button.

Wifikill apk for PC/laptop

If you don't have android phone. if you can use wifikill apk on pc. it is possible to some secret method. so, I can explain all step about how to install wifikill on pc. so, download wifikill apk for disable the internet and increase speed.
  • First download wifikill app above the link.
  • After then you can download bluestack on your PC from the internet.
  • Now install bluestack on your PC.
  • Now double click on wifikill apk.
  • After auto process and wifikill open on bluestack.
  • Now, open wifikill and disable network and enjoy.
  • That's it. 

Root accesss require or not?

If you want to use wifikill apk then you can be require rooted mobile either you can't use wifikill apk. it is work on the same network so that's the main reason you can allow only rooted phone. so, this application is root access. you can't use this application without root your mobile. one time your mobile root after then uses this application without any issue. if you have any question then ask me on comment box or contact.

" Final word...

WIFi kill apk is control whole wifi internet. you can disable the internet connection. you can cut any network and maintain your bandwidth. you can use this application through increase your internet speed. if you have use this apk then first at your android mobile must rooted. if you have without a rooted phone then you can't use this apk. in this application two type button available grab and kill. grab use for gather information and kill using for cut any person which connects the same network. and much more feature are available. this apk is very useful for wifi internet user. so, download wifikill apk above this link and link are direct download without having any face. and also the link is safe and secure. I hope you can link this application. if you have any question then ask me on comment box or contact. so, download wifikill app and enjoy. keep smiling...  

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