What Is Blue Whale challenged Game?

Blue Whale Game

The Blue Whale Game is Russian Developer Group and also "Blue Whale Challenge" that is claimed to exist in several countries. The game allegedly consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators during a 50-day period, with the final challenge which leads player to commit suicide. The term "Blue Whale" comes from the phenomenon of whales, which is linked to kill mankind And As this Game leads people to commit suicide.
The blue whale is began in Russia in 2013. and also called blue "whale challenged" game. This game provides a different task you can be complete this task either commit suicide.    
What Is Blue Whale challenged Game?
What is blue whale game

What is blue whale game?

Blue whale game is developed in Russia. this game is a challenge between game player and administrator. it is a series of a task is given by administrator and that player is must be complete this task either you can be passed on by the administrator on that day, the last being suicide. the blue whale suicide game goes by many names including wake up 4:20 AM, silent house, sea of whales.  
In this game you can provide 50 task on 50 days include watching a video, listen to music, standing on bridge, roof, poking a needle to the arm, doing secret task provide, climbing a crane, walking up 4:20 AM and much more task challenged by the administrator. this song and video is dubbed by the administrator and set on the BENY's remix of the Australasia singer. A man was arrested in Russia. 

NOTE: So, you can not download this blue whale game. because this is a very dangerous game. this game is suicide challenge game so you can't download this game. if you have provided link this game then you can't download and ignore this link. all task are very dangerous for all people so do not download this game.

What is blue whale

The 50 task of blue whale game

I can mention the list of 50 task blue whale game. if your friend or family and anyone play this game so you can inform can't play this game. so, I can explain 50 task.
  • Carve a specific phrase on arms.
  • Walk up 4:20 AM and watch a video or listen to music.
  • Make cut the whale own arm.
  • Draw whale on peace of people.
  • Write "yes" own leg is ready to be a whale. otherwise cut the whale multiple time.
  • After, secret task.
  • Message draw on the own arm.
  • Write a status online about a whale.
  • Overcome a fear.
  • Get up 4:20 AM and go to the roof.
  • Carve a whale on the person own hand.
  • Watch scary video every day.
  • Listen to the music and "curator" send.
  • Cut your lip.
  • Poke the person own arm or hand with a needle.
  • Make yourself hurt.
  • Go to a roof and stand edge.
  • Stand on a bridge.
  • Clime crane.
  • The participant is trustworthy.
  • Talk with a "whale" on skype.
  • Sit on a roof and dangling on edge.
  • Another code.
  • Secret mission.
  • Meet with a whale.
  • Assign a date that the person will die.
  • Visit a railroad.
  • Do not talk with anyone all day.
  • Give an oath about being a whale.

How psychological manipulation work

Some expert believes these task may convince an impressionable young person to hurt themselves because of the whale's influence. a number of tasks involves talking to a whale with them. this might be the time when psychological manipulation task effect.

Reported suicide case

Suicide 3 case of playing blue whale game.

Suicide 5-6 case of playing blue whale game.

Suicide case 30 July 2017 a 14-year old boys suicide on roof jumping for the seventh floor in Mumbai.

And, many people are suicide case is available so you take care for this game And you can more information for this blue whale game all about this game and all reported case then click here.

" Final word...

So, frdz blue whale is a very dangerous game so you can not install or download this game that is my suggestion you can't download after as you wish. you can share you friend and family and anyone please do not play this game.in this game, you gave the very 50 difficult task and you complete must be. it is developed by Russia. so I suggest you can't download this game. keep smiling...

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