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Hello frdzz, today we share one of the best application for the android user. this app is very popular in the now day. application is "SHAREit". using SHAREit apk easy and fast data or file transfer. this application is million of people are used. many people install directly from any website link or play store and much more another source. this apk is very popular app ever green. a lots of file sharing are available in market like, zapya, xender, are a good application but still my suggestion, SHAREit application is one of the best for file sharing apk for Android user.

SHAREit is a transfer file from a WIFI capable device to another same as one. it can use transfer file including photo, video, music, contact, and application. it is currently available in many languages. using app that lets you transfer a file from one device to another with high speed compare to Bluetooth or other apk.
SHAREit apk free download

What is SHAREit apk?

So,  I can explain what is SHAREit apk so simple language, using SHAREit apk file are sharing is a process of sending any formatted data like, apk, mp4, mp3, doc etc...from one device to another device. you might want to share with friend and family member on less time and high-speed transfer data. 
A file can include :

Type of File:

     DOC file
     MP3, MP4 
     And much more.....
SHAREit apk can connect and transfer you can easily file transfer between two devices. that means you can share android to any operating system like iPhone, iPad, windows. and one of the best features is you can create group and file transfer to at a time multiple users. previous post USDD code and kingo root.  

Feature of SHAREit apk

So, we explain all about amazing and cool feature of SHAREit apk. lots feature are available on this apk. so, I can share all about feature after can download SHAREit apk. download SHAREit apk from below the direct download link. So, let me explain feature:
  • Share any file anywhere - anytime.
  • High-speed 200-time speed compare to Bluetooth.
  • Without the internet.
  • Without USB.
  • Without data used.
  • Support any operating system.
  • This choice 700 million of 200 countries.

Main Feature:

  • No network: That means you can share file anywhere - anytime.
  • Very fasted: 200+ time faster compare to the Bluetooth. and also received file without losing quality and quantity. 
  • Cross-Platform: Android to any operating system file or data are transfer easily.
  • Whatever transfer: photo, music, video and installed app and much more other files.
  • Easy and simple: two devices are connected and easy to transfer.
  • Connect PC: You can file share with PC/laptop.
  • Replicated phone: replicated file old phone to new phone just one click.

Download of SHAREit apk

So, I will share main part of this article now we will share the download link of SHAREit apk. so, you download SHAREit apk with amazing and cool feature like cross platform, whatever transfer, easy and simple and much more feature is available so download the best SHAREit app from below direct download link. this link is 100% safe and secure so you don't take tension about a download. if you have any problem then direct ask me on the comment box. so, download SHAREit app and enjoy.

Version information 

  • Application name: SHAREit
  • Operating system: Android
  • License: Free
  • Require version: 2.3+
  • Security level: 100% safe
  • Size: 6MB
  • Package name : com.lenovo.anyshare.gps

How to install and use SHAREit apk

SHAREit apk install is very easy. so, we provide step-by-step installation guide. so you read carefully because if you can any mistake then you can't able to use this best application so, mention step below...
  • First at go to permission your mobile so go to system setting - security - unknown source are check and click.
  • After then, download SHAREit apk above the link.
  • Now, install it.
  • And then open and use.
  • That it. 
  • After then how to use so, one device click on the send button and second mobile received button and connect both mobile.
  • After then select and file or data and click on send button.
  • That's it and enjoy.

Screenshot of SHAREit apk 

SHAREit apk free download updated
SHAREit apk free download updated

Fact  information about SHAREit apk

So, here I will explain some fact information about SHAREit apk. I will ask some impotent thing that I hope you understand all information after then you can install SHAREit apk.
  • SHAREit app through you can share different media formats like mp3, mp4 and all other.
  • SHAREit is a cross plat form independent which means you can share one OS to other.
  • It is platform independent.
  • It is developed by Lenovo.
  • It is connected with personal computer or laptop and sharing file.
  • It can support Android OS, Windows OS, ISO OS etc...
  • SHAREit has been 100,000,000 to 500,000,000 downloaded.
  • And also many other links to download.

Why SHAREit?  

Much sharing application is available on market like three best application xender, zapya and SHAREit but SHAREit is best. 

Because SHAREit is a faster no major difference but now a day this apk is top level.
Because It adds free apk another application are disturbing with add but SHAREit apk is Add free.
Because UI is better than other.
That's the main reason why SHAREit used. I would all share app and the SHAREit app is same major work.

Require root access or not?

Many people ask me root require or not for this best application. just because this apk is provided the amazing and cool feature with less memory so this is a very confusing question. but "NO" you can able to use without a rooted mobile phone. yes, this best application is capable to use without a rooted phone. so, not require a rooted phone. so download SHAREit apk above the direct download link and enjoy.

" Final Content...    

SHAREit - transfer, and share. so you can download SHAREit apk with amazing feature like, Share any file anywhere - anytime, High-speed 200-time speed compare to Bluetooth, Without the internet, Without USB, Without data used. Support any operating system, This choice 700 million of 200 countries and much more coolest feature are available. SHAREit apk file is sharing is a process of sending any formatted data like, apk, mp4, mp3, doc etc... so, download one of the best popular apk and 4.7-star rating out of 5. and million of people are using this best apk. so you can download SHAREit apk above the link and link is direct download without having any faces. and also the link is 100% safe and secure. you don't take tension about SHAREit app or download link. I hope you like this best application. so, download SHAREit app and enjoy. keep smiling... 

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